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Subject: Re: Graphic Images
From: Michael D. Pritchett (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 21:08:07 CDT

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> On jeudi, avril 19, 2001, at 08:47 , Dom Lachowicz wrote:
> > This was the original plan. Was it a good one? I'm not so convinced of
> > that.
> I'm convinced it is. We should support internally 3 image format. SVG
> for vectors, PNG for bitmaps, and JPEG for JPEG and arbitarly other
> lossy compression format. (yeah, it is a real waste to store JPEG as
> something else than JPEG).

Hub -

I understand the file/memory savings of using JPEG over PNG, but my one
concern is the lossy factor. I may be incorrect here, so you may have to
enlighten me. But with a JPEG internal saving, every time you save the
document, the JPEG loses a bit more information. Over time, multiple
open/saves (like revisions) would significantly change the JPEG image from
the original. For me, that is not what I would expect or want.


Michael D. Pritchettt

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