Commit: xsl-fo and dnd

Subject: Commit: xsl-fo and dnd
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 20:03:56 CDT

XSL-FO import now beta, "Language" now on right-click menu, Gnome DND stuff,
Gnome icon for language item
CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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CVS: Committing in .
CVS: Modified Files:
CVS: src/af/ev/unix/gnome/ev_UnixGnomeMenu.cpp
CVS: src/af/xap/unix/gnome/xap_UnixGnomeFrame.cpp
CVS: src/af/xap/unix/gnome/xap_UnixGnomeFrame.h
CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_ML_ContextText.h
CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_exp_XSL-FO.cpp
CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_imp_XSL-FO.cpp
CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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