Re: Commit: new spelling code

Subject: Re: Commit: new spelling code
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 10:02:32 CDT

Tomas wrote:
>It's really Dom's work, not mine. (He must live in some other
>universe with 48 hour days or something ...)


Martin wrote:
> > One more feature request, can we change language state via a selection?
> > ie I select a region of text, open the language dialog choose a language
> > and have that text spell checked in my requested language?
>If you mean you want the spellchecker to honour the lang formating
>atribute, it already works, providing you use pspell. You can 'toggle'
>the squigles under word like 'maximise' by simply changing its lang
>formating from en-US to en-GB (if you have both dictionaries, that
>is). It does not work with ispell; the ispell classes remain to be
>implemented. If some felt like doing this, please go ahead, I will not
>have the time for this in the near future.

Yes, this currently only works with pspell builds. Type "color colour Farbe"
3x - 1 with en-US, 1 with en-GB, 1 with de-DE.

There is no reason why ispell couldn't/shouldn't be made to do this too. The
complexity involved might be a little high, but all it really means is
probably creating some stateful struct to pass to all of the ispell
functions too.

struct {
  // all of ispell globals go here
  // and this struct gets kept in an instance of ISpellChecker
} IspellState;

I'd also like to add "Language" to the right-click menu on a word, so that
you can change the lang of a run of text more easily.

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