Re: ispell multilingual spellchecking

Subject: Re: ispell multilingual spellchecking
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 10:36:48 CDT

Kevin Atkinson wrote:
> Libtool (multi-language-branch) can handle compiling DLL's and can handle
> the dynamic loading of DLL's. What it can't handle is the proper
> compiling of C++ libraries.

_Exactly_ what are the problems? A link would suffice. (I have a vague
memory about some startup code issues, but I'd really like to get a firm
grip of the problems before commenting).

> Also it is unlikely you will be able to use VC++ for Pspell and Aspell it
> is best to use Gcc (wither the Cygwin or MinGW version).

I think that's currently not an option for AbiWord. Do you know what the
problems are?

> However, provided that you only the the extern "C" interface of Pspell
> (which I believe you do), you should, at least in theory, be able to
> compile Pspell/Aspell with MinGW Gcc and AbiWord with Visual C++. You can
> easily provide binary versions of the Pspell/Aspell library for those who
> want to work on AbiWord but don't want to mess with compiling it using
> Gcc.

Though it is a workaround, I'm not sure it's an acceptable solution. If it's
buildable with the mingw gcc, it should also be buildable with MSVC
(providing it's legal C/C++ code of course).


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