Re: Policy change request: Font name conflicts

Subject: Re: Policy change request: Font name conflicts
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 05:39:50 CDT

Hi Adam,

> > Adam Warner wrote:
> > Abiword can use TrueType fonts. I use it with the same fontset from
> > microsoft that you have.
> Then why:
> (a) does the FAQ state:
Sorry, the FAQ is out of date, the ttf support is relatively recent.
We support Type 1 and ttf fonts now.

> (b) Does the program refuse to run without the Abiword fonts in the font path?
AbiWord only uses the fonts that are found in its fonts directory
(they do not have to be located there physically, symlinks to fonts
elsewhere on the system will suffice). This directory does not have
to contain the fonts that ship with AW, but AW requires fonts with
certain names to be present in there, notably Times New Roman,
i.e., you can replace the Times New Roman, Arial and Courier New
with the ttf versions.

(There are good reasons for only limiting the fonts we use to the
specific directory; we need to be able to access the actual font
files because of printing issues, and we do not want the font list to
contain fonts that we do not support, which on typical X system is
the majority of what is on offer.)


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