Re: commit: UTF-8 recognition patch (2nd attempt)

Subject: Re: commit: UTF-8 recognition patch (2nd attempt)
From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 02:51:21 CDT

Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
> > I have an impression (I didn't look at the code) that no special i18n means
> >are in Windows code - AW uses unicode internally, so all trickery/special
> >support of i18n is using correct functions for painting Unicode chars on each
> >version of Windows (though it seems that the informal testsuite for i18n of
> >Windows port is displaying latin1 and Symbols (for list bullets, etc)
> >correctly at the same time on versions of Windows developers use :).
> That gets us display, BUT it doesn't help with data entry (ie.
> input method handling), etc. I need to look into this for the BiDi stuff on
> Windows...

I have begun work on Windows IME support. There may be minor issues
due to our using MS_KEYDOWN instead of MS_CHAR but it looks like
being straightforward. I'm not looking at fancy stuff like displaying
composition at this stage.

> > Also generic support BiDi support is implemented in cross-platform code,
> >but tested only under linux.
> It's also been tested on Windows and verified to work, as far as
> the code goes. There are issues with input methods, but otherwise it does
> do BiDi just fine.

I have not built a bidi enabled version yet but editing complex
scripts (Thai, Indic) seems to suffer from many of the same problems as
editing Arabic and Hebrew without bidi enabled. This also needs work.



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