Re: morning hack...

Subject: Re: morning hack...
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 20:50:53 CDT

>I think we all agree. Aspecially after GUADEC it would be kind'a hard to
>(and stupid to try to :-) ) slow down the development of AW I think.

Totally. We're all working on some cool stuff now... macros, embedding,

>Re. the current hacks going on I'm sure no one can really tell. :-)
>But do you agree about a month-long (or even longer if proven necessary -
>feature) freeze before 1.0? IMO it's crucial, but in this case I want
>everyone to be on the same track: Known "real" bugs == no release.

An arbitrary-length freeze is essential. I volunteer to coordinate this.
Continue hacking...

>IMO 1.0 is *the* most important release we *ever* is going to make. That's
>the release that's going to mark AW quality. If we can prove (and we can)
>that we can deliver a rock solid 1.0 we'll probably be on our way towards
>1.2. If not, well...

Agreed. This is how we are going to be percieved forever.


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