Re: Commit: exporter work

Subject: Re: Commit: exporter work
From: Vlad Harchev (
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 14:49:11 CDT

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Dom Lachowicz wrote:

> Hi Vlad,
> > Disclaimer: I didn't see you patch yet.
> > But I don't think there were any problems with HTML and ABW exporters and
> >non-latin1 locales since 0.7.12 - what exactly are your improvements
> >about?
> There were no changes to the HTML and ABW exporters, except to make them use
> UT_String. I removed a lot of the #if 0... statements in _outputData that
> were seriously obscurring the actual code, though.

 Yes, there was a lot of clutter in it. On the other hand it allowed to
switch the logic by tweaking on character of source code :) .. But nevermind,
it's easy to reproduce such clutter on demand :)

> I based the rest of the XML exporters (WML, DBK, FO) on the work you did on
> the HTML and ABW exporters.

 OK, that was a nice idea, thanks!
 Best regards,

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