Re: Code for peer-review: SpellChecker class

Subject: Re: Code for peer-review: SpellChecker class
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 03:57:58 CDT

Looks great Dom, thanks for putting the time into this.

Just a few questions / suggestions concerning
virtual bool requestDictionary (const char * szLang):

(1) should not the parameter be const XML_Char * ?

(2) I would suggest that both for Ispell and Pspell, the szLang
refers to the same tag of the format 'en-US', and that the translation
to the ispell hash path is done within the ispell implementation of
the SpelChecker class. This will make the integration into the
existing code easier and the virtual class more virtual.

(3) I am not sure I understand what is happening in the function
itself. I think we should first test whether m_map already contains
our language and if so return the associated SpellChecker, and
only if not try to allocate a new SpellChecker. I also suspect this
function will have to look slightly different for Pspell and Ispell, for if
I understand correctly, we will need only one instance of Pspell
checker which handles multiple languages, while with Ispell we will
need an instance for each language (which also means that the in
the SpellManager destructor, we will have to delete these multiple
instances as well).


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