Re: bidi support

Subject: Re: bidi support
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 03:25:20 CDT

Hi Diego,

> I d/l abiword 7.13 for windows (the linux version , at least
> binay need libc 2.2 which i dont have) and tested the bidi subject
> (hebrew):
> 1) it can open word file with no problem displaying them OK. In rtf in
> grabage (it needs to change the encoding, when transforming from ascii or
> ansi to unicode)
> 2) I can write hebrew properly. I see it backwards.

I assume by backwards you mean left-to-right, i.e, the direction is
wrong. I also assume that you compiled AW yourself, since the
precompiled binaries are without bidi support. Could you compile a
debug build (add ABI_OPT_DEBUG=1 to the make command line),
and then as you start, before you type anything, see if the debug
messages contain 'GTK-Warning: locale not supported by C library'
(if it is present, it is fairly near the top of the debug messages), or
any other messages that could be relevant.

Now, if you find this particular message, could you please let me
know (1) what locale you are using, and (2) whether the locale
seems to work otherwise.

Thank for you help


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