Re: Welcome to the world QNX

Subject: Re: Welcome to the world QNX
From: Ben Hall (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 19:10:59 CDT

Hi Thomas, I'll take you up on your gracious offer.

I downloaded QNX RTP yesterday before the site was nailed by Slashdot and
the rest of the world. I've already installed it and it looks great.
I've got a few questions though:

1) How does one go about setting up printing? I have a supported printer
but couldn't figure out how to get the system to see it. (Yes, I looked
in the docs)

2) Are any of my favorite window manager functions implemented and hiding?
- roll-up
- virtual windows
- a good pager

3) How do I go about installing AbiWord? I dl'd it and uncompressed it,
but couldn't make the package manager see it.

For those of you who might be interested, I'll brag about QNX rtp for
Thomas. It's very fast (very very fast) POSIX compliant, supports a lot
of hardware, and has a tonne of very cool network capabilities. Overall
it looks like a very interesting OS, one of the niftier *NIX varients
I've used. THere are already a lot of cool unix apps ported, such as
Gimp, Mozilla, x11amp and (of course) AbiWord.

Way to go Thomas, QNX looks like a winner.


On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Thomas Fletcher wrote:

> All,
> Sorry if you all consider this a bit of spam ...
> my apologies. QNX has now gone and made available
> for download its QNX Neutrino Realtime Platform
> System. As many of you know I've been working away
> keeping the QNX Photon port in step with all of
> the other platforms.
> I would like to encourage all of you interested
> developers to try out the RTP and more importantly
> to this forum, to download and try out AbiWord for
> Photon. Also anyone who is interested in working
> on AbiWord for this platform ... I'm VERY happy
> to help you get set up.
> Cheers!
> Thomas
> PS: What happened to the domain?

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