Re: Patch for bug 787

Subject: Re: Patch for bug 787
From: Thomas Briggs (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 16:55:00 CDT

> > 1. I was never able to reproduce the stated problem (can't install to
> > drive other than c:)
> I am using Windows95, the bug is very real to me and it must also be to
> person who posted the bug!
> Are you using WindowsNT? At work, I shortly used a windowsNT and found

   Yup, that was my problem. I was able to reproduce the problem (as well
as test the fix) on Windows 95.

> > 2. Even after applying the patch, the install path used by and
> displayed
> > in the installer has double slashes in it if you select a drive other
> > c: (D:\\AbiWord, for example), which though it doesn't cause any
> > doesn't look right.
> Considering a difference in behavior between Windows95 and NT, I certainly
> used a non portable way of checking for disk root directory. It must be
> to ANSI and Unicode handling. I was not aware of the pitfall. On Windows95
> the patch
> is effective and as you noticed it does not break anything on WindowsNT.
> With some more work I could probably find a portable way to do it on both.

   I had worked on a fix for this bug before you submitted your patch, but I
never committed it for the reasons that I didn't commit your patch earlier.
Your fix was alsmost identical to mine, so I have no complaints about your
approach. :) I will admit, however, that I committed my fix instead of
yours - it's basically the same patch, just applied in a slightly different
place that fixes the display of the installation path as well as the
installation itself. Your fix to only allow selection of real directories
went in intact though - I hadn't noticed that in the bug report, and I'm
glad that you did.

> I have attached the same patch 787 but including patch to bugs 710 and 455
> also. They all pertain to the installer program. The patch also include a
> way for the user to bail out of the installation if he get caught into one
> error. I also added a verification of the file date. When the user is
> making the installation over an already installed AbiWord, he will be
> warned of his installation containing a file newer that the one to be
> installed.

   I read through the diff this morning and it looked good. Can you send me
an updated diff file so I don't have to try to reconcile the diff you sent
earlier with what's currently in CVS?
   My apologies for taking so long in getting to this. With any luck I'll
be able to get to the other patches you've submitted in short order.


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