about that corrupt RPM

Subject: about that corrupt RPM
From: WJCarpenter (bill-abisource@carpenter.ORG)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 16:22:59 CDT

I haven't been following this that closely, but I think we have a
problem. I think:

* the official 0.7.11 RPM was corrupt in some way (size mismatch)
* Sam made a new RPM (that was a debug version and "AbiWord Personal")
  and had a link to it off ~sam/
* Sam got rid of his link because the official download version was
  said to be corrected

I just downloaded the official RPM an hour or so ago, and it the size
mismatch version. It had a date stamp on the web page of 13 Sep.

Can someone fix this so that we can stop looking like this is a
totally tromped-upon release?

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