Re: Font problems with x-4.0.1 (solved)

Subject: Re: Font problems with x-4.0.1 (solved)
From: Harald Hannelius (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 04:54:43 CDT

Ok, it was a problem with X-4.0.1. It doesn't include renderers for type1
fonts in the 'default' xf86config created by the x-server. I had to add
these lines to /etc/X11/XF86Config:

        Load "freetype"
        Load "type1"
        Load "speedo"

In order to get all my fonts working.

Sorry for the line-noise on your list :)

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Harald Hannelius wrote:

> Hi there,
> since upgrading to X-4.0.1 from I haven't been able to get
> abiword running anymore. I debugged the problem down to being a font
> problem. Here's what I get when the script tries to add abi-fonts to the
> fontpath:
> $ xset fp+ /usr/local/AbiSuite/fonts/
> X Error of failed request: 86
> Major opcode of failed request: 51 (X_SetFontPath)
> Serial number of failed request: 9
> Current serial number in output stream: 11
> I also tried running 'mkfontdir' in the fonts/ directory, but that didn't
> help either. It just created an empty fonts.dir file.
> Is this a problem I should be talking about on the xfree-forums instead?
> Thank you for all help in this matter.
> Harald H Hannelius | | GSM +358405470870

Harald H Hannelius | | GSM +358405470870

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