Re: [RFC] A Proposal for Binary Release Management

Subject: Re: [RFC] A Proposal for Binary Release Management
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 17:10:59 CDT

>(1) The decision is made to cut a new binary release on a certain date,
>and on that date the tree is closed (this should only happen if tinderbox
>is all green).
I can agree with this point. My question is "But what will we use for
tinderbox?" If we had boxes to run tinderbox on (i.e. on all supported
platforms), we wouldn't have the "build problem" in the first place because
we could just ship those stripped binaries. Where would we get the
tinderboxes? Or am I missing something obvious?

>Potential Questions-
>Can we use SourceGear's trademarked images?
>How many verifications are neccessary?
>Should we use PGP/GPG encryption/signing?
>Who should make the decisions mentioned above?
Are you proposing we have a "benevolent dictator" to manage releases, acting
as an official maintainer? Possibly maintainer by committee (e.g. those with
cvs access get a vote?) I'm fine with either proposition. I'd also volunteer
for either, but there are other highly qualified people on this list too who
are more deserving than myself.

(Who's been waiting for the friggin DSL guy to show up at his house for 3
weeks now)

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