[RFC] A Proposal for Binary Release Management

Subject: [RFC] A Proposal for Binary Release Management
From: sam th (sam@uchicago.edu)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 16:56:57 CDT

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Since Eric has recently notified us that we are unlikely to be able to use
the SourceGear build farm in the future, we need to develop a new method
for releasing binaries. What follows is such a proposal.

(1) The decision is made to cut a new binary release on a certain date,
and on that date the tree is closed (this should only happen if tinderbox
is all green).

(2) Once the tree is closed, anyone who wishes (preference given to
abiword-dev members) may send a message to binaries@abisource.com (email
address to be created) with the URL and md5 checksum of their

(3) Other people may test the above binary, and send similar messages
(again with URL and md5sum) to binaries@abisource.com. At least 1(?) such
verification is required.

(4) Once binaries on sufficent platforms have been recived (preferably all
current platforms) an annoucement will be made and the website will be

Potential Questions-

Can we use SourceGear's trademarked images?
How many verifications are neccessary?
Should we use PGP/GPG encryption/signing?
Who should make the decisions mentioned above?
Other questions?
                                     sam th
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