impressions on 0.7.11 on unix

Subject: impressions on 0.7.11 on unix
From: Vlad Harchev (
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 04:06:21 CDT


 Just tried AW 0.7.11 - and was rather disappointed.


1) 'make; make install' installs AbiWord in /AbiWord (i.e. on the root
partition!). Probably /usr/local/ should be used as root (though I had a
pervious version of AW installed there - may be installation script is that
wise to choose another location?).

2) There is no way to close file - menuitem File->"Close" closes current
window. That item should be renamed to "Close this window" and another
menuitem to file menu should be added "Close" that will close currently opened

3) When typing, unix port uses X keysym (keyval in GDK terminology) from the
GdkEventKey rather than string member of GdkEventKey. This is wrong - IMO app
shouldn't use KeySym (at least no other program for X windows I've ever seen
uses Keysym directly for inserting into text buffer - all use 'string'). I'm
going to correct this when I'll have free time - probably in two next weeks -
since it's impossible to type any russian letters (keysyms in range 0x600 -
0x6ff) into Abi - it just crashes.

4) The accelerator for "exit" is Alt-F4. IMO this should be changed to Ctrl-Q
for unix (it's a common accelerator for this action on Gnome). I didn't build
with gnome support - so this can cause such assignment of accelerator.

5) The AW logo doesn't include any trace of the Abiword's version, beside 0.7
 Please fix this. There is no way to get AW's version number at all AFAIK.

 But anyway, thank you very much for AW.

 Best regards,

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