Re: Proposed POW: Integrate Pspell

Subject: Re: Proposed POW: Integrate Pspell
From: Leonard Rosenthol (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 08:02:51 CDT

At 4:15 AM -0400 9/18/00, Kevin Atkinson wrote:
> > As for problems with linking - Mozilla uses a lot of shared libraries that
>> export C++ API - so their experience with dynamic linking to C++
>>libs could be
>> used in AW.
>Perhaps. If you know of someone who is familiar with how Mozilla dynamic
>linking works it could be very helpful.
        They developed their own x-platform implementation of
Microsoft's COM (Component Object Model) called (oddly enough ;),
XP-COM and that's how they are able to dynamically load C++ libraries.


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