Proposed POW: Integrate Pspell

Subject: Proposed POW: Integrate Pspell
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 12:07:17 CDT


Lately there's been a lot of noise on the list about how Ispell just plain
sucks and we might want to use Kevin's Pspell library instead. I think that
this'd be nice, since I think he wrote Pspell explicitly for us to use :)

What would Pspell give us? Well, we'd have a better spell-checker than
MSWord for starters. Also, we'd be able to shed our Ispell problems for
good. However with Pspell, we encounter a new set of problems, the largest
being that Pspell/Aspell isn't known to work on all of Abiword's supported

What to do:
There are a few ways to go about handling this.

1) Get Pspell/Aspell to compile on Win32 at least(it is currently known to
work on Unix).
2) Conditionally compile in Pspell support, and also leave Ispell suppport
enabled. Look at the recent libxml2 addition to see how this is done.

#1 would be the desired route, but #2 is probably easier, esp. if you don't
have access to Win32 and Be boxes. Integrating Pspell would probably mean
mirroring its sources much like we do with expat and wv.

Anyone interested or wanting more information, please email me. You may want
to check out and to get an
idea of what you're getting yourself into.


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