Re: Patch for bug 787

Subject: Re: Patch for bug 787
From: Saint-Denis (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 19:07:38 CDT

> 2. Even after applying the patch, the install path used by and
> in the installer has double slashes in it if you select a drive other than
> c: (D:\\AbiWord, for example), which though it doesn't cause any problems
> doesn't look right.

Being intrigued by the problem and looking forward to resolve it, I did the
following :

-on a WindowsNT machine, I tried the version 0.7.10 setup program that come
with the distribution. During the installation process, I choose a disk root
directory, it shows as D:\\AbiSuite. The double backslashes are the symptoms
of a problem. Even with backslashes, the installation can be made
successfully from there on. It mimic the same behavior as described above.

-on a Windows95 machine, with the same setup program, I can see the same two
backslash. During the file copy process, the installation is stopped by
errors. It is the behavior described in the bug #787.

-on a Windows95 and on NT machine, I used a setup program built with the
patch I suggested. I selected a root directory with the browse button. It
produce a directory name with only one backslash as D:\AbiSuite. The
installation can proceeded from there without error. The bug is then
corrected on Windows95 and NT.

I conclude that even thought you tried to apply the patch, it did not made
it's way into the executable for some reason.
Gilles Saint-Denis

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