Status of 0.7.11 - continued

Subject: Status of 0.7.11 - continued
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 22:57:21 CDT

Ok, we ran binaries today, finally.

To those of who wonder what happens, it basically works like this. We have a master build server which sends out messages to the machines on the build farm. This message has information such as where to get the files, how to build AbiWord, what build number to give it, how to make packages, and so on and so forth. This master system than creates files of lf, crlf, and cr format for the different systems. These system then each try to build. If any one of them fails, we have to start the whole process over. Doing so requires varying levels of effort, depending on what happened.

Could this system be improved upon? Probably. Needless to say, though, it's a pain to run it. Particularly when every iteration has to wait for dog slow Be boxes to finish.

Anyway, to make a long story short, everything looked ready to go, and are tests builds ran everywhere. Then, when we went through the supposedly routing step of creating 0.7.11, the FreeBSD failed to create the static tar.gz file. I am not sure why, nor do I know why it started happening recently. If you want to help AbiWord, here is what to do: Try to do a "make distribution" on FreeBSD, and figure out why it fails.

I know I promised to have something by today, but it didn't happen. I will try again tomorrow, and perhaps decide to release without Solaris OR FreeBSD. So, for at least one more day, the tree must remain closed. If you have a fix for Solaris or FreeBSD, by all means you can sneak that in. I will let everyone know what we intend to do in about 16 hours. Feel free to offer your opinions.

Robert Sievers
Your unsuccessful servent

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