Re: Patch for bug 787

Subject: Re: Patch for bug 787
From: Saint-Denis (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 14:31:05 CDT

Well, I gess I am on the line of fire.
Please don't shoot now, let me offer theses lines of thinking

> > Last month, Saint-Denis posted [1] a patch to fix bug 787, which deals
> > with Windows installer issues. Again, this applies cleanly, so if
> > with a windows machine is willing to test it, it can get committed.
> I looked at this patch closely, because I'd been working on fixing this
> same bug shortly before the patch was committed. I didn't commmit the
> for two reasons:
> 1. I was never able to reproduce the stated problem (can't install to a
> drive other than c:)

I am using Windows95, the bug is very real to me and it must also be to the
person who posted the bug!
Are you using WindowsNT? At work, I shortly used a windowsNT and found
differences in behaviour with my Windows 95. Unfortunatly, at the time I did
not know of this mail, so I did not check this bug in particular.
The differences I noticed are :
- the Insert special characters dialog does not show the actuals characters
on 95 while it does on NT
- the fisrt part of bug #911 description can be reproduced on 95 and not on
NT. The solution lies in handling explicitly the Windows WM_ACTIVATE message
and returning 1 instead of 0, that is in file ap_Win32Dialog_Paragraph.cpp.
This is true, at least on Windows95.
- on that same Paragraph dialog, moving between controls with the tab key is
very limited on 95 and close to perfection on NT.
Theses differences where apparent on the AbiWord version 0.7.10

> 2. Even after applying the patch, the install path used by and
> in the installer has double slashes in it if you select a drive other than
> c: (D:\\AbiWord, for example), which though it doesn't cause any problems
> doesn't look right.

Considering a difference in behavior between Windows95 and NT, I certainly
used a non portable way of checking for disk root directory. It must be due
to ANSI and Unicode handling. I was not aware of the pitfall. On Windows95
the patch
is effective and as you noticed it does not break anything on WindowsNT.
With some more work I could probably find a portable way to do it on both.

> I don't think I've ever seen anybody shoot down a patch, but in this
> case, as much as I hate to do so, I don't think this should be applied.
> somebody else can reproduce the stated problem and confirm that the patch
> fixes it, I'll commit it. A this point, however, I just don't see any
> in doing so, as it doesn't seem to solve any problems for me.

I do not want to be the first one to be shot down and hope somebody with
Windows95 will take the time to confirm this. ;-)

> > Additionally, Saint-Denis made a few suggestions in his message for
> > bug 710, in which we blatantly disregard the actual terms of the GPL. I
> > like all of them, and will creat a patch if (s)he doesn't want to.

My first name is Gilles and I am a "he".
I have attached the same patch 787 but including patch to bugs 710 and 455
also. They all pertain to the installer program. The patch also include a
way for the user to bail out of the installation if he get caught into one
error. I also added a verification of the file date. When the user is
making the installation over an already installed AbiWord, he will be
warned of his installation containing a file newer that the one to be

I guess, I must be pretty confident that my original patch work, at least in
Windows95, to offer you an encore.

You can shoot at will now!

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