Re: patch: ignored word maintenance

Subject: Re: patch: ignored word maintenance
From: Paul Egli (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 16:12:02 CDT

>> >paul> local variable xad_Document.cpp(176) : error C2106: '=' : left
>> >paul> operand must be l-value make[4]: ***
>> >
>> >I think this is the line it's complaining about.
>> >
>> > DELETEP((UT_UCSChar *)pHE->pData);
>> >
>> >The windows compiler probably doesn't like setting a casted thing to
>> >0. Changing "DELETEP" to "delete" should work (and is logically OK
>> >for the code), but I won't be able to do a win32 build until probably
>> >tonight to verify it. I'll submit a patch with that change and
>> >perhaps someone else can verify it faster.
>> I applied the patch "export/import ignored words list with document" and
>> also made the change "DELETEP"->"delete". It builds just fine, and the
>> export/import of ignored words seems to work great. Should I commit the
>> changes? I was not able to test them on any platforms other than Windows.
>The DELETEP->delete change should go in ASAP. I think the export/import
>ignored words should stay out of 7.11, since the preferences don't
>currently work.

Alright, I've committed the change from "DELETEP" to "delete" but not the
ignored words export/import patch.

>I really hope 0.7.11 goes out soon.

Me too.

And one more thing: tinderbox is now working for Windows :)

-Paul Egli

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