Re: how to add new fonts?

Subject: Re: how to add new fonts?
From: Han The Thanh (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 06:00:49 CDT

Hi Martin,

> Did you write pdftex? That's an awesome program and I use it
> regularly.

yes pdftex is my work. I am glad to know you find it useful.

> What you did is what I recommended to someone else. To get a font to work
> you need at least the following.
> It has to be Type 1.
> You need both *.afm and *.pfa font files.
> You need to include *regular-r*, *bold-r*, *regular-i*, *bold-i* in the
> fonts.dir file. These entries however can all point to the same file (like
> "Symbol" and "Standard Symbols" in the standard abiword fonts.dir).
> There may be some extra magic required :-(
> To ask for multiple font paths you need to edit
> $HOME/.AbiSuite/AbiWord.profile
> and in the _custom_ scheme and add a line like this:
> UnixFontPath="/usr/share/abisuite/fonts;$HOME/X11/fonts/Type1"
> With the directories sperated by semi-colons.
> This works with the latest CVS Abiword but I'm not sure if it works in
> 0.7.10.
> We will eventually make this available via the AbiWord Options dialog but
> we haven't done this yet. Feel free to submit a patch :-)

thank for the instructions. There are some points I found useful:

1) it seems that $HOME is not expanded, so I had to replace it by
/home/thanh to get it work

2) the user font dir must be added in X11 font path before running abiword

I can then select and use my new font; however printing to PS doesn't
work. For some reason all chars are replaced by the degree char (176 ascii
code in isolatin1). In case you want to have a look, I will put the fonts +
test file somewhere on the web.

I like the idea of AbiWord to be opensource and cross-platform.
Unfortunately I don't have time to get involved in its development at the


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