Pending patch - likely to break Windows and BeOS

Subject: Pending patch - likely to break Windows and BeOS
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 00:36:33 CDT

Hi everyone,
            particularly Windows and BeOS developrs. Attached is a patch
of the latest code for unix incorporating Thomas Fletchers great
ideas for a New List dialog. This patch also makes substantial changes to
to the backend List code as well.

I promise that this is the last major change we will make in the list
dialog. I will commit this as soon as 0.7.11 is released or right away if
we decide not to release 0.7.11. This patch will likely break the builds
on Windows and BeOS because I've changed some of the xp member variables
in ap_Dialog_Lists. I'm send this patch out now (along with the screen
shot) so you can see what will be needed to fix the build after the patch
goes in. Feel free to send me patches to fix it ahead of time!

Thomas, I've implemented the "resume list" radio button and I ignore the
level spin button. I don't think we need it. Instead I think we should
change the space to a text entry area for the "Decimal" delimeter bewteen
list levels.

Luke, note that starting a list in a previous list block no longer
increments the level. This only happens via the dialog radio button now.



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