Re: wv, new maintainer announcement

Subject: Re: wv, new maintainer announcement
From: Martin Vermeer (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 22:36:58 CDT

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 09:53:29AM +0200, Caolan McNamara wrote:
> I've been working here at StarOffice since January and stopped development
> on wv since then. wv's been like a little child that I've being keeping at
> home until 5 and not sending to school at the usual 4 because "hes
> delicate". Anyhow with a bit of talk and thinking I thought that "Dom
> Lachowicz" would be a good maintainer for wv, he's done some of the word
> export and traipsed around the code a good bit. Knows some of the libole2
> stuff and excel stuff and so on. Export's going to be a complete bastard
> btw, I wish you luck.
> So hopefully the wv tree in abiword can become the official release, get
> cleaned up, released, suck in developers, and move forward again. And I can
> stop feeling guilty at not getting anything done with the bugfixes that
> clog up my website and mailing list.

Good news indeed!!

wv could indeed become "the Samba of word processing". Let's make it happen.

One related thing: what is the current status of libwmf? If we want to
get LaTeX support to the point where graphics is supported (entirely
possible IMHO) libwmf should support .eps. Doable, but it would require
libwmf to be perceived as being actively maintained ;-)

Martin Vermeer

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