Re[2]: CJK patch test error report!

Subject: Re[2]: CJK patch test error report!
From: hashao (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 03:05:19 CST

Hello Belcon,

On Tuesday, October 31, 2000, Belcon wrote:

>> Do you have any ideas why it's impossible to input anything into AW with
>> my patch? It has exactly the same logic as HJ's patch with respect to
>> keyboard input. May be it it's also due to the fact that HJ's version of gtk
>> was also hacked in this respect?

B> No,I don't think so.I can input Chinese in AbiWord-0.7.10 patched with
B> HJ's
B> patch,although I don't know why I can't input Chinese in AbiWord-0.7.11.
B> I am still trying to find the reason.

I was thinking at the line:
+ if(charData>0xff)
+ result = m_pEEM->Keystroke(EV_EKP_PRESS|state|'a',&pEM);
+ else
+ result = m_pEEM->Keystroke(EV_EKP_PRESS|state|charData,&pEM);

Maybe the (charData>0xff) should be something like
((charData>0xff) || (charData==0)). According Xlib manual
13.5.10, if a input is completed in XIM, keycode will be
set to 0. I don't know what does the 0xff means in the
original patch. Maybe something for non-standard input
method other than XIM?

But since the patch works for 0.7.10, maybe the problem
is in somewhere else. Does the Keystroke changed lately?

BTW, according to
+ char *mbs=e->string;
+ int mLength=strlen(mbs);
can be replaced by mLength=e->length; :)

>> Or may be Input Methods should be setup on the frame?

frame already setup the XIM at the initializing stage. I just
assume it is correctly setup.

>> Also, just curios, my RH6.0's glibc knows among others 3 encodings:
>> ISO-2022-JP-2, ISO-2022-JP, ISO-2022-KR
>> are they just synonims or they are different?

I don't know much about Japanese charset but apparently the
3rd one is a locale for Korean.

Best regards,

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