Re: Update to documentation

Subject: Re: Update to documentation
From: Larry Kollar (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 03:46:53 CST

Martin Vermeer wrote:

>> (I actually found that handwritten manuscript a month ago,
>> and maybe I'll get it into a WP before the paper rots. :-)
>Trust me, the digital version will "rot" before the paper one does --
>if you don't take care. (Big real-world problem BTW, the permanency
>of electronically stored docs).

I don't know. The paper dates back to c. 1981, so it has quite the
head start on any electronic version I manage to create. Besides the
yellowing and fading, mice don't use floppies or CDs as material to
build nests. :-)

I *do* know not to put my only copy on a diskette, and will use
either a text editor or AbiWord to type it up. Whatever else happens
in the world of computing, I doubt that US-ASCII or XML will become
unreadable in my lifetime.


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