Re: report on status work to support CJK in AW

Subject: Re: report on status work to support CJK in AW
From: Belcon (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 06:50:48 CDT

Vlad Harchev д
> Hi,
> I'm still integrating properly and cleanly HJ's patches to AW-0.7.10 to
> support CJK in AW. As a result, AW will support CJK and non-latin1 and latin1
> :) languages without limitations. I think I will complete 98% the work in 10
> hours.
> As part of the effort I've written iconv wrapper that will swap bytes of UCS2
> properly.
> Also I've fixed bug in spellchecker - "replace" button didn't work.
> Best regards,
> -Vlad
  I want to know in src/af/xap/xp/xap_EncodingManager.c,function:
  static UT_UCSChar try_UToC(UT_UCSChar c,iconv_t iconv_handle),
  What is the value of "c"?Is it the Unicode(UCS2) of a character?
And,what we want to get(the function's return value)?Is it the
character's locale-encoding value?
  Take a character of GB2312,for example,which GB2312 encoding value is
0xB2E2,while its Unicode(UCS2) encoding value is 0x6D4B.If the parameter
"c" is 0x6D4B (Value of Unicode),then we get 0xB2E2.Am I right?

Best regards!

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