Re: GNOME Office and OpenOffice (fwd)

Subject: Re: GNOME Office and OpenOffice (fwd)
From: Ashleigh Gordon (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 02:59:58 CDT

Actually I have been looking at some of the star(Open) office stuff, and
downloaded the binary that was available, and gave it a go(for Linux). I
have to say that it's not that bad, but a release version may be some time
coming.I think that Abiword should continue independtly in the short term
until the OpenOffice codebase solidifies a little. It would be great if we
could get some of their features eg. tables, same file format etc. or learn
from their code. I think that co-operation could be very beneficial. If we
could be the same format, then perhaps people could use Abiword for most
things, and use StarWord for things requiring macros etc. My $0.02


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