Re: May I take part in AbiWord CJKV develope? (fwd)

Subject: Re: May I take part in AbiWord CJKV develope? (fwd)
From: Chih-Wei Huang (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 08:28:06 CDT

Vlad Harchev gDG
> > Nice to hear that. As I understand, there exist some patches to AW
to make it
> > partially support CJKV?
> > As for reason of not showing GB2312 - non-patched AW works this
way, not GTK
> > :(

gtk+ 1.2.x should work well for CJK,
provided you have install the appropriate locale data.
unless your (xxx is your locale name)
didn't setup correctly.

> A developt of Taiwan CLE group has made a patch support GB2312 and
> Big5.But
> there is very big problem just like what I said above.I don't know
> AbiWord
> can't show GB2312(but it can print GB2312 properly) while Big5 is
> after
> patched.

The patch CLE used is exactly HJ's patch.
Interestingly, it SHOULD support GB2312, but it didn't.
I don't what's wrong, and that's why Belcon worked on it...:)

> > Yes, it's very small. Thanks for it.
> > You told about GB2312 version of MSWord - are there other versions
of 2MSWord
> > that support other CJKV encodings? If yes, can they read correctly
> As I know,yes.
For people in Taiwan, we use traditional Chinese version of
MSWord(support big5). I'm not sure if there is a version of MSWord
that support all CJKV. I'm not familiar with MS platiform, sorry!

> > > > (characters or hieroglyphs) are in CJKV fonts? Does Ghostscript
work OK with
> > > > CJKV at all? If yes, could you please put some very small
document in PS

GS 5.x and above support CID-Keyed CJKV fonts.
GS also support truetype fonts, but not well for CJKV.
However, there is patch for gs 6.01 to use CJK ttf as CID-Keyed fonts,
as Belcon mentioned,
Another way to use ttf with gs is using through VFlib.

I'll send you ps files that generated by Chinese version of abiword.
It can be viewed via gs patch or gs 5.x+VFlib patch.

> > > > format for download (and compress it)? Does TeX typesetting
system works with
> > > > CJK at all (there is latex exported in AW).

Sure. There are several TeX/LaTeX system that support CJK.
One is just called 'CJK', written by Werner LEMBERG <>.
The alternatives are ChiTeX, cwTeX.
All of them support Chinese truetype fonts.

> > It's typesetting system used by scientists (source file extensions
are .tex,
> > .latex, and output format is .dvi, that is converted to .ps using
> > utility). Chances are very low that it supports CJKV..

LaTeX is also popular in Taiwan for scientists.
In fact, I use LaTeX(ChiTeX) to write my master thesis
(in Chinese, of course...:)

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