Re: Spell checker always on?

Subject: Re: Spell checker always on?
From: Harald Hannelius (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 05:21:48 CDT

I hate to reply to myself.. oh well..

I have tried creating a custom scheme in my profile, and to always put the
AutoSpellCheck to "0". No avail. _every_ time I open an existing document
abiword underlines every word. Eventhough I have taken out the 'check
spelling as you type'. I have the 'auto save preferences' or something of
that kind.

How do I get rid of the, imho annoying habit of abiword underlining every
word in my document?

I'm still able to do a 'Tools -> Preferences' and just press a 'ok' to get
abiword to actually notice my settings. Then after a 'page-up ->
page-down' the document is re-drawn without the red underlinings.

I have tried mocking around in the src, without success..

On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Harald Hannelius wrote:

> Hi there,
> what's up with the spell-checking in the linux-version? When I start
> abiword with some document, it starts underlining every word in my
> (non-english) documents. When I check the preferences, the spell-checker
> is turned off. If I press 'ok' and then take a 'page-down - page-up' the
> document is re-drawn without underlining.
> Is there a way to actually *really* turn of the spell-checker/underlining
> of words?
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Harald H Hannelius | | GSM +358405470870

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