CSS parser (was Re: The next release?)

Subject: CSS parser (was Re: The next release?)
From: Leonard Rosenthol (leonardr@lazerware.com)
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 08:35:32 CDT

At 3:13 AM -0500 10/18/00, sam th wrote:
>Our CSS import functionality is a hack to allow us to read the CSS we
> export. (Sorry Dom)
        If someone (Sam, Dom?) is willing & able to do the work of
hooking it up to AbiWord, you're welcome to my CSS parser that I
wrote for my SVG tools. It's C++ and uses std::string and some STL,
but that should be easy enough to switch to AW XP stuff...

        Another option is that the W3C has an open source CSS parser
called SAC that they make available - see


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