Re: The next release?

Subject: Re: The next release?
From: Thomas Fletcher (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 08:01:03 CDT

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Martin Sevior wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> We've accumulated a lot of neat features very quickly. I was
> wondering what peoples opinions are on a quick release in about 2 weeks
> time at the beginning of November using Sam's new Binary Release scheme?

 I think that this is a good idea, though I would also like to work to
make all of the platforms "at par" as much as possible. Part of this
is working to get all of the dialog changes integrated so that all
of the dialogs are layed out the same on all platforms. I can't do
this without accurate screenshots (not to mention the fact that I
have to update and fix all of the QNX png screenshots).

 Does anyone else think that it might be handy to have a "master"
platform directory in the shots/[xp|wp] directories that would
contain the most recent dialog layout screenshots? It is either
that or some ascii art layout. I'm more thinking out loud here
about how this might be managed.

  Additionally does anyone else feel that perhaps having a rough
schedule might be handy in guiding the direction. I mean more
than just the feature matrix, but a rough 1 year timeline of
milestones we would like to meet as a project. This would give
everyone involved a better idea of what kind of time frame they
might be looking at to work on features. (For example, if I had
known we were thinking about a new quick release I would have
perhaps tracked some of the subtler dialog changes more closely).

  If nothing else, let's set a ballpark figure for the next
release so we can work towards cleaning/polishing/making things
work for that time.

Thomas (toe-mah) Fletcher QNX Software Systems Neutrino Development Group

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