The next release?

Subject: The next release?
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 07:14:36 CDT

Hi everyone,
            We've accumulated a lot of neat features very quickly. I was
wondering what peoples opinions are on a quick release in about 2 weeks
time at the beginning of November using Sam's new Binary Release scheme?

- Lots of new features our users would like them.
- Every release seems to bring in a fresh crop of developers.
- The Gnome documenters can use Abi to produce their docbook documentation
for the Gnome 1.4 release.
- It would be nice to make a quick release after the long delay between
0.7.10 and 0.7.11

Showstopping bugs for an early November release:

Spelling on Windows NT and Redhat 7.0
Printing accented characters on redhat 7.0
My horrible work around for multi-level lists should be replaced with a
proper fix.

My other suggestion would be late November early December in sync with the
Gnome-extras following Gnome 1.4

Dom tells me that when he first implements gnome-print and bonobo the
gnome front end will be unstable for a while. That suggests we should make
a release before then to allow the real gnome goodies to avaialble
for gnome-extras.

What do you people think?



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