Re: Port of 7.11 to OpenBSD 2.7

Subject: Re: Port of 7.11 to OpenBSD 2.7
From: sam th (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 19:35:00 CDT

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On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Justin R. Smith wrote:

> Here are my patches:
> In each case, I performed a diff of the form
> old-directory new-directory
> Nature of the patches:
> 1. wv: OpenBSD uses a different include file than other operating systems
> (<uio.h> rather than <io.h>). While your version included this, it also
> attempted to include the old file.
> 2. abi: OpenBSD doesn't support wide chars, so I had to code up
> versions of mbtowc and wctomb.
> 3. expat: the version of libtool included with the distribution is incorrect
> in its handling of shared libraries in OpenBSD.
> The patched version does this correctly and shouldn't behave differently on
> other operating systems.

As you will note, this patch has been sitting in my inbox for quite some
time. However, it has now been committed, and we now have a local
implementation of mbtowc/wctomb in AbiWord. I will soon enable this for

Win32 people - should I do this for you folks too?
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