Re: file format

Subject: Re: file format
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 13:27:45 CDT

On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 12:32:51PM -0500, sam th wrote:
> > >The spec is 300 pages long. The DTD is in about a dozen files. The
> > >amount of bloat in this spec is simply incredible. The RTF format spec is
> > >only about 170 pages, by comparison.
>> Oh, so it's kind-of like the DocBook format then :-) (see to see
>> exactly what I mean)
> Oh, I know how big the docbook spec is. But the 300 page docbook book is
> a manual and tutorial too, and it goes over everything from intro to
> SGML/XML to how to program in DSSSL (in case you are insane). The OO spec
> is *just* the spec. Granted, the docbook DTD is about 3 times the size,
> but it really does have an excuse (it does lots more).

I see. I did not check the spec over there... being THAT big... and just the DTD... it's either too bloated, or it may do french fries with mayonaise and a chilli burguer at the same time.

Maybe an imp/exp of a subset of more commonly used tags would be nice.
I don't have the skills to do it... I think... and I certainly don't have the time to test them at that, unfourtunately :(

On another subject... there's no need to CC: me messages sent to the mailing list, thanks :)

a hug, rms

P.S. Sorry Sam, my mistake... reply w/o checking the sender.
     That does it, I'm making TO: the default TO:
     on this mail folder in mutt.

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