Re: commit: i18n megapatch to AW

Subject: Re: commit: i18n megapatch to AW
From: sam th (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 05:18:00 CDT

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On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Vlad Harchev wrote:

> As for russian fonts - the practice showed that for non-latin1 fonts xlfds in
> fonts.dir should have "adobe-fontspecific" registry-encoding (rather than
> real encoding like "koi8-r", otherwise recent XFree86 X servers (e.g. 3.3.6)
> won't show any non-latin1 letter. So, I have to update that fonts package.

Well, the fonts are working fine for me. I'm using XFree86 4.0.1.

> > > THINGS TO FIX. The columns dialog now looks weird in gtk because of the
> > > removal of the gtk_set_usize to the drawing area. I'll test the other
> > > dialogs too.
> >
> > Yes, that does look a little strange. Is there any reason that box can't
> > be a fixed size (it never has text in it)?
> No, I removed set_usize on drawing area by mistake. Sorry. As for non-drawing
> areas (e.g. buttons, labels) - they obviously shouldn't have fixed size in
> order them to look consistent with different font sizes and in different
> languages.

I'll see if I can fix that up.

> > Just one comment - the ru-RU strings file, which you provided but has not
> > yet been committed, doesn't work. This is because expat doesn't like
> > files to be encoded in KOI8. Basically, expat only likes UTF-8. Is there
> > any way that this could be converted so that we can finish off Russian
> > support?
> This should work (at least it works for me and with original patch). I'm
> setting custom encoding handler for expat (using
> XML_SetUnknownEncodingHandler) in each place where xml file is parsed - that
> will make expact understanding any encoding that is known to iconv().
> So, if expat barks at ru-RU.strings, then your iconv doesn't know KOI8-R
> encoding (then you shouldn't see russian text file correctly :).
> To test whether it has, run
> iconv -f KOI8-R -t UCS2
> If it doesn't barf, then expact shouldn't barf :)

Well, that test appears to work. However, expat continues to dislike
me. In fact, it complains about the encoding when it reads it, as opposed
to when it hits the russian text.

> Also, what unix do you use?

Debian GNU/Linux

> I'm waiting for daily snapshot (with i18n patch integrated) to appear on
> your site to test.

It's building as I write. Should be done in about 3 minutes.

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