Re: PATCH: unix paragraph dialog fixes

Subject: Re: PATCH: unix paragraph dialog fixes
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 16:43:41 CDT

On 6 Oct 2000, Anders Melchiorsen wrote:
> As it is now, the GTK+ calls of the GUI are mixed with the glue to the
> XP code of AW. Thus, using Glade to update the GTK+ part would mean
> having to manually adjust the code to interface to AW again.
> I believe the AW part of the GUI should have been kept in a source
> module separate from the Glade output, but there might have been
> reasons for not doing that - I don't know. The i18n stuff is probably
> one reason, though I am not certain how good it is.

Abiword is a C++ application that started life well before Gtk-- was
stable. We used Gtk+ for the GUI which means that Glade produced code has
to be tweaked to get working in an Abi dialog. Glade still helps a lot
though and it might be useful to include the glade XML files along with
the source code so that future developers have access to the raw resource
that was to used to do the initial GUI design.

> I spent a day fixing the paragraph dialog; I could probably have been
> done in an hour if I could just have used Glade to modify the parts
> that were originally done using Glade anyway.

I see your point. Just remember though that the glade file is more or less
a prototype for the final GUI. I have a bunch of glade XML files lying
around that I used for the prototypes of a number of dialogs. I could
commit those to get the ball rolling. Did you use glade for your Paragraph



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