Re: Tree Branched

Subject: Re: Tree Branched
From: Thomas Fletcher (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 10:12:00 CST

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Sam TH wrote:

> The tree has now officially branched, and is open for commits again.
> People should begin building packages and binaries for their favorite
> platforms. To do this, use the source on the branch labeled
> release-version-0-7-12 . =20
> Binaries should be submitted according to the guidelines laid out in
> my previous RFC, available at=20
> However, due to current issues with the SourceGear folks, the
> address does not work yet. So, the emails
> mentioned in the RFC should be sent to this list,
> =20
> The trunk of the the CVS tree is now open for any sort of commit. The
> release branch is closed for everyone but me. If there is a
> compilation issue, or a very serious regression, I will consider a
> patch. =20
> If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to email this
> list, me personally, or come chat in #abiword on =20

The QNX Photon Binary release can be currently downloaded
MD5 (abisuite-0.7.12-QNX_x86pc_static.qpr) = 3bba40def33b158c755537071d3430cb

I'd like to move this to the abisource website when it has
been verified.

Thomas (toe-mah) Fletcher QNX Software Systems Neutrino Development Group

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