Re: Request for Help

Subject: Re: Request for Help
From: Vlad Harchev (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 03:49:36 CST

On Sun, 26 Nov 2000, Dom Lachowicz wrote:


> Could anyone running a Gnome build please help me? I've encountered a bug
> that is really annoying and is stumping me. I've run it through GDB and Abi
> is segfaulting in malloc.c, which (needless to say) is pretty wierd.

 Sorry I can't help with this. Purify would be useful for tracing this
problem. Does anybody out there have it for unix?
> To reproduce:
> Start Abi
> File->New
> In the second Abi, choose File->Close
> In the original window, File->New

 I should say that I was able to reproduce this on non-gnome unix build, but I
had to repeat this procedure 3 times
> The file of interest is abi/src/af/ev/unix/gnome/ev_UnixGnomeMenu.cpp. We're
> dying in gnome_app_fill_menu(). This means that the GnomeUIInfo stuff
> probably isn't being constructed properly. This is confusing me royally
> because if I never close an Abi window, I can construct an infinite number
> of windows. I consider this of "show-stopper" calibur. 0.7.11 also displays
> this bug.
> I also have this horrible feeling that something is wrong with at least the
> gtk timers... more to follow.

 Yes, I encountered problem with them in my app too - even if you
 timeout function could be called once after that call (I assume it's
not removed from the queue if it's scheduled but if gtk_timeout_remove is
called for that timeout function).
 I plan to write a small program to illustrate this and post it on

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