Re: commit: Multi View List fix and MS Word Import improvements.

Subject: Re: commit: Multi View List fix and MS Word Import improvements.
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Sun Nov 26 2000 - 22:33:09 CST

Martin Sevior wrote:
> This commit fixes all the first order bugs I know about when
> using lists with multiple views.

Great work!

> I also Reverted Mike's change to fv_View via
> // if (m_iInsPoint < posBOD)
> // {
> // m_iInsPoint = posBOD;
> // }
> Leaving this in caused Abi to crash if you hit backspace with the cursor
> at the start of the document. (Sorry for the bad advice Mike)

No worries. But I'm quite surprised that AW would crash unless it's allowed
to request an invalid document position. :-O I think the real problem might
be earlier in the call stack for that one. I'll try to get the time to have
a look at it.
Well, at least it now works, and that's what in the end counts.

> Finally, this is the big news. I added the same test to check if lastline
> exists after a appendblock() call in fl_DocListner and do a format() on it
> if it doesn't. Now abi imports 100% of the MS Word documents I've thrown
> at it.

Way to go! Now *this* one I've got to torture. :-)

Btw, in Windows when using only the toolbar list buttons, clicking one of
the two to start a new list it allows me to click the other one, giving the
impression I'm editing both a numbered and a bulleted list. :-)
Is this a Windows-only problem or does other platforms also exhibit this

/Mike - please don't cc

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