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Subject: Re: Roadmap Update
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 16:22:20 CST

According to Ashleigh <>:

> | Features |  * Context cursors for |  * MacOS port, | a nice |
> |  * Finish | image | anyone? | substitute) |
                                                For the MacOS port, I already
                                                started to work on it. I wish
                                                to have it for 1.0 (or better 0.9)
                                                It will depend on my copious spare
                                                time and my new job.
                                                So count me on it, but help
                                                is really welcome. This will
                                                not be an easy task.

Here is a summary of the roadmap to the MacOS port:

The target API will be Classic for MacOS 8.x and later, and Carbon (a slight
variation of Classic APIs) for MacOS X. MacOS X port will use Quartz as
graphic APIs for rendering because of the much better quality. I don't plan
to make a Carbon version for MacOS 8.x and later because CarbonLib only
brings code bloat on these OSes...

For MacOS X I don't plan to use Cocoa (ie NeXTStep like API) because it
requires either Objective-C or Java, and neither are easy to bridge with C++
to be used as a FE for the XP framework.

Currently I'm validating the build system on MacOS X using gcc and al. and
porting the core (ie support libraries) on MacOS 9 using CodeWarrior. This
is needed to provide a workable environment. I could get on both platform a
binary that link.

Second step will be to port the FE to MacOS and to provide a way to use
strings and other stuff for l10n and i18n.

Third step will be to add Mac specific features like AppleScript support,
Word Service Support, Internet Config support, etc.


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