New i18n subsystem ready for test!

Subject: New i18n subsystem ready for test!
From: Kenneth Christiansen (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 18:42:52 CST

Hi All Gettext-Loving Translation Ants,

I took a look at the i18n subsystem and made scripts so you can
work with 100% gettext compatible PO files - meaning you can use
all your common used tools.

Also, it provides the same scripts that are well known from the Gnome

Let's take a look at it all

To generate a first po file from the strings file, goto the po/ subdir
and issue:

        ./abi-extract LANGCODE

        , where LANGCODE is 5 letters like da-DK

To update your po files to reflect the latest changes, do:

        ./ LANGCODE

To backport your po file to a normal abiword readable string, issue:

        ./ LANGCODE

All the scripts can be found at the following address:

  o abi-po-upgrade-0.4.tar.gz

Copy the tar.gz file into your abi/ dir, and extract it with
tar zxvf abi-po-upgrade-0.4.tar.gz. This should create a po/ subdirectory

Please let me know about all problems

Cheers, Kenneth Christiansen

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