Re: Commit: wv iconv fix

Subject: Re: Commit: wv iconv fix
From: Vlad Harchev (
Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 12:19:12 CST

On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, Dom Lachowicz wrote:

> Vlad said:
> > Another option: if current locale is "zh", we add 2 more word file types
> >in
> >File->Open dialog, one is ".doc in Big5", another is ".doc in GB2312" so
> >unlucky user will be able to import it from no more than 3 attempts. Same
> >for
> >other CJK languages (if no meaningful LID is saved in the file).
> I'll help out with the lid's not being correct in text.c. I don't think the
> above suggestion is the right one, though.

 Of course we need to try to make lds to have correct value. I should say that
I tried importing word6 russian document and it imported fine, so lids are
incorrect only for CJK.

 As for my suggestion - this seems a reasonable fallback solution if we fail
to understand how to make lids having the correct value. At least that will
allow user to import a document. And of course additional "format types" will
be hidden if AW is running under on-CJK locale.

> Dom

 Best regards,

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