Re: Commit: wv iconv fix

Subject: Re: Commit: wv iconv fix
From: Vlad Harchev (
Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 04:54:10 CST

On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, ha shao wrote:


> Hi Vlad,
> Okey, after print out all the *->lid, *->lidFE ...
> I cannot find anything that is related to BIG5 encoding
> in the word6.doc file. If you have any luck, please
> tell me.

 I assume you mean lid and lidFE are not 0x404 or 0x804.

> Inspired by the fix on the .rtf document, I printed all
> the ffn.chs and...the default font is 136 which means Chinese
> tradition for MS' character set. So if we have no luck on
> lid and chse thingies, we might have to fallback to derive
> Language ID by mapping:
> 136->BIG5
> 134->GB2312
> 128->some japanese ID
> 129-> korean
> 130-> another korean
> as we did in ie_imp_RTF.c ,of course we can limited this
> trick to WORD7 only for safety.

 Nice finding.

> Please consider it.

 Yes, I agree with the hack you propose.
 You should feel free to implement it and post a patch :)

 Another option: if current locale is "zh", we add 2 more word file types in
File->Open dialog, one is ".doc in Big5", another is ".doc in GB2312" so
unlucky user will be able to import it from no more than 3 attempts. Same for
other CJK languages (if no meaningful LID is saved in the file).

 What do you think about [implementing :)] this?
> --
> Best regard
> ha_shao

 Best regards,

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