P-Props Keep Together in RTF is possible

Subject: P-Props Keep Together in RTF is possible
From: Wilfried Hennings (w.hennings@fz-juelich.de)
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 09:24:42 CST

just to introduce myself:
I am maintainer of the FAQ list of Word <-> LaTeX converters at
(www address may change in some future)

I just (again) read the AbiSource WWW pages and came over the feature matrix.
   P-Props - Keep together
it is questioned
   (5) Does RTF even support this? Perhaps this should be n/a instead?

I can confirm that it does. I created a test document with a paragraph
having set "keep lines together" and another having set "keep together with
next paragraph". After saving from Word 2000 in word6/59 - 97/2000
compatibility rtf, the rtf code contains
for "keep lines together"
for "keep together with next paragraph".
Hopefully older word versions do understand this, too (sigh!).

Hope that helps.

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