Re: 0.7.12 Questions

Subject: Re: 0.7.12 Questions
From: Christopher Plymire (
Date: Sat Nov 11 2000 - 19:44:01 CST

\>> I would like to determine what remains to be done before we declare
>> 0.7.12 ready. Outstanding issues I know of:
>> Win32 spell check - how is this currently?
>> Word import - dom, what's the status here?
>> smart quotes - Vlad, can you get this fixed so we stop seeing ?s=20
>> Are there other showstopper issues?
>> How is the build looking on BeOS and QNX?

The BeOS build is getting better, however, there is one show-stopping
bug that I have been looking at over last week and can't seem to fix.
The BeOS version has this problem where the text you enter (or copy/
paste or load) will run into the margins instead of properly wrapping
This eventually causes a crash when trying to redraw outside of the
view rect when deleting or updating.

Can someone tell me about any platform specific code the word wrapping
involves that I may have missed?


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