Re: I need some help!

Subject: Re: I need some help!
From: Belcon Zhao (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 02:49:09 CST

Hello everyone:

  I put this debug instruction in
AP_UnixApp.cpp:copyToClipboard(PD_DocumentRange * pDocRange) like:

IE_Exp_RTF * pExpRtf = new IE_Exp_RTF(pDocRange->m_pDoc);
        if (pExpRtf)
                UT_DEBUGMSG(("CopyToClipboard: copying %d bytes in RTF

// Here,I find that the string's sequence has been changed
// by AW.Originally,it is "abiword**"(** stands for 2 Chinese chars),
// while output is "**abiword".

        // create raw 8bit text buffer to put on the clipboard

        IE_Exp_Text * pExpText = new IE_Exp_Text(pDocRange->m_pDoc);
        if (pExpText)
                UT_DEBUGMSG(("CopyToClipboard: copying %d bytes in TEXTPLAIN

// Here output string's sequence is quite right.

So,I know after "pExpRtf->copyToBuffer(pDocRange,&bufRTF)",string's
sequence is wrong.But I am still not know where AW change the
May someone give me a detail reference to trace the string which
is selected ,copied and pasted.Then I can put debug instructions
in source code to make it clear where AW change the sequence.

>From: Vlad Harchev <>
>To: Belcon Zhao <>
>Subject: Re: I need some help!
>Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 10:16:39 +0400 (SAMT)
>On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Belcon Zhao wrote:
> Hello Belcon,
> > Hello Vlad:
> > I am tracing AW,and I have a question.
> > As you know, copy&paste need
> > copyToClipboard (PD_DocumentRange * pDocRange)
> > of ap_UnixApp.cpp.
> > Here pDocRange should include the strings that
> > we have selected before.Am I right?Then,how can
> > I know what strings it contain?In another word,
> > how can I set UT_DEBUGMSG sentence to show the
> > string?I want to know where AW change the string's
> > sequence.If pDocRange doesn't include the string,
> > then where AW put the string and how can I show it?
> pDocRange is ptr to the list of internal structures that describes piece
>document you've selected. So it's very difficult to see what strings they
>contain directly (I don't know its format).
> I recommend the following methods to see:
>* Save to .abw or .txt or .html file and look there
> Yes, you can see only the whole file, not what you've selected. So select
>whole file :)
> If you need to know what gets put to clipboard - then print the buffer
>pDocRange is exported to (but this is the same as saving as rtf to file).

Yes.the sequence of the buffer has been changed.:-(

> >
> > Best regards,
> > -Belcon
> Best regards,
> -Vlad
Best regard!
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