Re: 0.7.12 for Monday?

Subject: Re: 0.7.12 for Monday?
From: Vlad Harchev (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 03:27:45 CST

On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, Martin Sevior wrote:


> HI everyone,
> Should we shoot for a 0.7.12 release on Monday? I'll undebug
> lists, fields and tabs (if they're not already). I guess we would want to
> finsih off chinese support for 0.7.12 too. Is this feasable?

 As for CJK support - I think it would be feasible if someone will help Belcon
to finish tracing. The only thing that doesn't work yet is import of RTF (for
unknown reason). I invite CJK guys to help with this. I will post detailed
description of the problem 7 hours later cc'ing to our CJK hackers.

> In any case our new features include:
> WML import/export

 Palmdoc export (not sure).

> HTML import
> docbook import/export
> Russian support

 To be more correct - not only russian, but all non-latin1 languages.

> Chinese support

 I would call it CJK support (though tested with Chinese only).
 As I understand, the only thing that doesn't work with CJK is cut&paste (to
be more precise - only import of RTF is faulty).

> tabs
> fields
> lists
> dynamic zoom
> gnome-print
> GAL for gnome build
> Non english spell checking on RedHat 7.0
> lots of bug fixes
> Have I left anything out? Are there any show stopper bugs?
> Thats more than enough for a release I think and Dom and I want to serious
> break the gnome build to get really cool features in place for the
> gnome-1.4 release. So lets this out to our users now.
> Cheers!
> Martin

 Best regards,

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